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Default Dad passed away July 26, 2017

Hi everyone. I just lost my 77 year old dad almost 2 months ago. I am struggling to get though this. I took care of both my parents when they got older. I lost my mom 7 years ago to brain cancer. My dad was all i had left. He passed away while visiting my mom's graveside. He was putting flowers on her grave when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Someone saw him and attempted CPR. When the paramedics came they worked on him but he passed away on the way to the hospital. It was so sudden. He was so active and seemed so healthy for a man his age.It was so unexpected. My dad and i lived together because after my mom passed i stayed to care for him.He was so lost and lonely after my mom passed away. Now that i live in the house i struggle everyday with the loneliness of him not being here. I work but its not helping. As soon as i come home i start crying because i miss him so much.I have 3 other siblings that were not around for my parents. I did everything for them. Now that they are both gone my siblings are suddenly around trying to see what they can get from my parents and they are fighting me for things. Since i took care of my parents i was in control of all their finances.My siblings don't like that and are now trying to fight me for it. I hate them because my main concern right now is missing my dad and grieving. All they care about is money.It's causing me extra stress and sadness. I just want to give up because i feel so broken.
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