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I find this subject very interesting as it is something i have often thought about but never spoken of. When my father was dying all the family stayed for about 5 nights in the hospital as we knew it would be soon but myself and my brother went home each night except for the night/morning he passed on. Something made us stay there talking all night, holding dads hand until he took his final breaths. He couldn't speak but he was squeezing my hand so tightly, I could feel his pulse getting slower and slower. Very sad but I was extremely priveleged to be with him at the end. That week I found out I was pregnant too. On the other hand I believe my sister didn't want me to see her go and I wasn't there. I was at home putting my baby to bed and when I said goodnight to her I also whispered goodnight to my sister too. At that exact moment the phone rang to tell me my sister had just passed on. I don't regret not being with her at the end and subsequently had another baby girl within the year.
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