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Hey all

My dad was dying for about a week before he went although we never realised!! I took him out for a birthday pint on the thursday and he was dying then. he was gone by wed

but, he lay strong 'properly' dying for three days and nights. his breathing was so strong he was snoring like a pig although out of it on morphine! on the third night the nurses turned him (as they did every hour) and we went back in. his breathing had got shorter. we took his hand I and I shouted at him (he was partially deaf) GO ON DAD! GO AND SEE YOUR MUM AND CAUSE HER SOME TROUBLE! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH SEE YOU IN A FEW YEARS!!!' I think i repeated that twice? he went within like ten breaths? the nurses came in and expressed shock as they'd taken his pulse only minutes before and it was strong as an ox. I truely believe it was us giving him permission that finally made him let go after a four year fight. bear in mind three weeks before his death he changed our entire boiler system single handedly although riddled by cancer. 'permission' WORKS
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