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It was hard for me at first to have faith in anything. How could I when my son was taken from us so young.

But I know the scheme of things, my son does walk with me everyday. I can feel him around me and everyone once in a while when I close my eyes I can see him.

His friend was charged and convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. He served 13 months before being convicted and at the time in Canada you received 2 for 1 for time served, which means he was credited for serving 26 months. In the end he will serve another 2 years 10 months, for which he is up for full parole in August of this year. I have moved passed my hatred. I know in my heart he never intended to hurt my son, but I still hold a lot of anger. It was his stupid mistake that killed my son and for that reason alone I am finding it hard to forgive him.

In court he spoke through his lawyer to me and said he knows he has changed my life forever and he will spend the rest of his trying to make amends and make it up to me. My thought immediately was, how? He can't bring my son back.

My older son is coping, just barely. He works two jobs now, not because he needs the money, but it is a coping mechanism he has developed to deal with it.

He visits the cemetery regularly and finds when he is there he is at peace.

My daughter is starting to come around, but she misses him so much. Oddly enough she is 15 and has her first boyfriend. I met the boy and he is a duplicate of my son. They do the same things, they talk the same way and act very much alike.
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