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Default took a step today

hello dave, its been awhile, i'm glad your ok. thanks for this post it makes sense.

today i took a big step and had friends round for a meal, it was the first proper meal at home with friends without giuls. we had a good time and talked and laughed about old times, some sad moments too. it went very well but i got a bit tearful afte they left. i still have probs with being in the lounge wihout him in the evenings, just don't like being there on my own it feels safe upstairs in the bedroom surrounded by our things. but dave hazel, myself and all our friends will get to the other side, it is still early days for us as yet. we may go for a day orso then realise we haven't cried today, we will have joy again, one of these days.

thanks for this again, i keep trying to leave forum but keep coming home again.

love chrissie.
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