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at the beginning of our loss when the grief is raw when we least feel we can ever smile again the need for healing laughter is needed most i suppose we can all recollect the first time we managed a smile and the guilt kicked in as if we needed some permission how could we smile again our loved one is in heaven but there is a place for laughter among our tears it's our pathway to surviving through the grief the memories you have of laughter in your life are the best memories, love and laughter are what our loved ones hope we will remember them for the most
It seemed to me a long time since i laughed going through the hell of my husbands illness you don't sit and remember things to make you laugh when you are struggling for survival but after a few months of his passing i managed to find something to make me smile again i had lost all my sense of humor over the last few years and forgot how good it felt to laugh the one thing our loved ones in heaven want us to be is happy because they love us So find those memories that made you laugh because every time you do it's a precious gift to those you love in heaven xx
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