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Default Advice for grieving children

Some helpful words by the Child Bereavement Trust:

What is OK
  • To cry and feel low and depressed
  • To feel angry, embarrassed and not want to talk about your feelings
  • To copy some of the activities your loved one had before they died, but you need to retain your own life too
  • 'Live in the past' for a while. It can help you to keep alive the memory of your parent, your brother or sister, for example, but try not to let life pass you by
  • Have fun and enjoy life, to laugh again and forget for a while, forgive yourself for the fights and arguments and nasty things you might have said to your loved one who died
  • Go on living
What's not OK
  • To use drugs or excessive alcohol to dull your senses. This can only act as an escape and hide the pain, not helping to heal it, and it will then take longer to accept the hurt
  • Act out your frustration with reckless driving or skipping school
  • Do things with your anger that can hurt other people because you are hurting yourself
  • Experiment casually with s*x, just to get close to someone
  • Hide your feelings and not talk about what is bothering you
  • Act as the scapegoat or bad guy to appear tough
Any thoughts or experiences? Please post them here!
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