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Default never forget

dear haze, not hardly a day goes by without you popping into my thoughts, it was a miracle the way we were all drawn to this place. so many tears we all shed and so much laughter too, i still think of the morning the puppies were running around with wallpaper stuck to them, oh love how can we ever stop remembering those times. i remember Roo, that day you threatened to drive pizza over to his house if he didn't try to eat something and of course we all sat with our lit candles at home in silent prayer as he buried his frances. its strange that there doesn't seem to be the same comradeship on here as it was then,or maybe everyone sends private messages now?
i am and will be forever thankful to god because i may have been consumed with loneliness without you guys, our first conversation was at three a.m. that was the start wasn't it love? I've had people ask me why i'm so sure that our guys are in heaven, i just let them know that this isn't all there is, we are more spirit and soul than flesh and blood and we will meet them again. there are also many stories from people who went and came back. i reckon darren and giuls had many a good giggle together watching and listening to us lot, lol.
thank you for your kind words,i am very happy now with my new life and husband, as a pastors wife I'm now doing all the things i dreamed of doing, there are so many needs out there in this broken world and many fears are in hearts for the future, how will things turn out in the end with so much wickedness going on, only god knows what the end will bring.
iwake up about three a.m daily and its the best time of the day to pray, my time to talk with the lord and bring all to his heavenly courts in prayer, drinking hot tea then i sleep again at six for an hour so I'm usually ready for sleep early, this household gets up early every day to pray and seek god in prayer and i look out on here form time to time to pray for the broken hearted.
haze your the best you know,always there for everyone,there is a rainbow somewhere for you too. have a slice of birthday cake for me darling.
always thinking of and will always remember.

sending many hugs

chrissie. xx
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