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Default A message of hope x

Having been through bereavement, I would like to give everyone a little message of hope for the future.
When I lost my Dad I was only 18 years old, I went through a lot of different emotions in the months after his death....guilt- I never told him I loved him the last time I spoke to him, anger-other people had their dads...I should to....or at people who had their dads for 60 years before they died...depression and anxiety- self explanatory!
I became severely depressed for 12 months after my Dad passed and decided to go and see a medium. It was the best thing I have ever done. My Dad was there giving me all the messages I needed to hear. And I left feeling as though a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders...I was so relieved!
Although I did suffer with some anxiety and depression after this, I have improved greatly.
And, as everyone does, I do have bad days now...nearly 3 years on.
But it does get better, I can promise you that. You learn how to cope with your emotions and remember your loved ones without becoming very upset.
Just remember to talk about them, remember them and keep their memory alive.
I promise it gets easier.
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