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Default never forgotten

dear friend, i cried today when i read your message to darren, three years, where have they gone? i hope those who have gone ahead still get a birthday cake to celebrate with new friends and old ones too, but we will never forget them will we love. I'm with you dear haze in spirit, i remember one night of agony i cried to god, why am i left so alone, that night i had a dream and the lord stood with me on his left and giuls on his right, then the lord said i am here with giuls and i am there with you, you are never alone and heaven is hidden from your eyes but its still close, so be not afraid, i am always with you.
they are just in the next room aren't they love.thank you haze for always being there for all of us even though your heart was ripped in two and you are still there for everyone, i know that darren is very proud of you darling.

sending many hugs and love.

chrissie. xx
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