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hi chrissie how lovely to hear from you i'm so grateful for your message and to know that you have found such happiness in your life again those 2 years when we all had such a bond of friendship on here was so wonderful even though we were all desperately sad i never forget it and im possitive it held us all together through the saddest days of our lives it wasn't only buzzing in those days with immense sadness but it was buzzing with a band of friends when one was down we all were but we managed to pick one another up.some friends i hear from occassionaly like yourself and it's wonderful to know friends are ok and enjoying life again some don't but it's a place not to look back on to be reminded too much of the sad past when the future is looking so much better but i still care enough about them to think of them all occassionaly and at christmas i will light the candles of love and friendship and one for all our loved ones in heaven you may wonder why i am still here please know i am ok it's just because i never forget that very dark place of desperate grief where nothing in life made sense anymore and it was on here i gradually overcame my grief knowing friends would message me was everything and i can't bare the thought that someone needs a hand of friendship those few words that might make a difference to someone so i come here once a day untill i'm not needed and as it's quiet on here now another band of friends in the future may take over Dave with all his love and kindness continues he is the one who is our rock on the forum and his words continue to touch peoples lives .There are many like yourself remarried and found love again or found a reason to be happy in their lives it gives reassurance to everyone to know there is always a light at the end of grief and gives everone hope and encouragement for the future
love to you hazel xx

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