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Some of them do seem to hang on as long as possible because family members aren't ready to let them go.I think it's real important to tell them it's ok to leave and that we'll be all right without them.My father in law held on for a long time(2 years) and was miserable and in agony and pain.once his wife finally told him it was ok to go he died shortly after,within hours.He was one of those that fought till the very end,not so much for himself but for his family.We were all very proud of him for the strong fight he fought but i realize now how selfish we all were for wanting him to stay here for "us"...we didn't think so much about how he felt or what HE was going through.
Others,like my dad,just want to be out of their misery no matter what others want or think.I know if he had a choice,he would still be here,but he knew he was dying and just wanted to get it over with and didn't want anyone seeing him sick or needing any kind of help.To him,he saw dying as just a natural process of living,something we ALL do and told my brother to not feel so sorry for him cause it would happen to him and all of us eventually.We were all proud of him for accepting the fact that he was dying and for showing us that death is a part of living.
I also believe in the "cycle of life" goes out and one comes in.I have noticed that when there's a death there's usually a birth the same year or the next year.If a male dies,another male is born and the same when a female dies.
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