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Originally Posted by White Mountain View Post
Yes...I need to move forward and I give myself lectures everday...however, I just can't go. Yes, it is crazy: I have always been a strong person and tend to look on the bright side of things. The past year has nearly destroyed me.

In 2012 it seemed that every month was filled with a family death or crisis. By mid-summer I began to suffer depression and failing health, had 2 surgeries and was finally... not able to keep working I gave up my job and benefits, this was also a great loss.

I feel lost...angry...bewildered...afraid...anxious...sad . I am not able to move on and I cannot talk myself into doing anything. I do not want to see anyone...I want to hang out a sign that says Go Away...I do not answer the phone except for the children & grands. My husband is patient. He no longer inquires if I am going to get off the sofa...dress...or go out. He accepts that I cannot and that is a relief. I just don't know what to do...or where to start. What works? Yes, I have read the books and what?
hello dear white mountain, we offer a welcome to you on forum, will private message you asap, please hold on in there, you will be supported here by our forum friends, i will be intiuch soon.

chrissie. xx
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