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It has been two years since my ex took his own life.We were also on a break.The problems had to be resolved before we could move back in together etc. I told him we would get back together once the problems were resolved. I told him i still loved him and wanted us to get back together again and he still did what he did and left me and his son behind.
I blamed myself for not putting up with the problems and thinking if i just put up with things and stayed it would not have happened but i now feel that it would have happened regardless.
Lots of people split up/have breaks from partners and do not do this.
I miss him so much and he's on my mind every day,but now it's mostly the precious happy memories that come back to me...i laugh,i smile,i cry

I still have bad days and can be hard on myself but try and be strong and know you are not alone.
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