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Default Idea for coping with loss of a child

I have recently lost a friend, in september 2009, she was the same age as me, 21, and I am thinking of a way to help her mum cope.
I know I cannot change her pain, but I want to be able to ease it even just for a second.
I am a photographer, and one thing that I picked up on when talking to her mum was that she can never see the day that she will be able to clear out her stuff.
So I thought what if I was to archive it all for her with photographs, so that when the day comes that she has to maybe change her room she will not feel as guilty about letting it go.
The one thing that makes me consider whether or not to ask her is that I want to use the images as part of a project, as I am currently studying for my MA.
Does anyone have any thoughts?
Or would anyone in the same postition be interested in this idea?
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