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hi oonagh this is a lovely tribute to the love you shared even though as you said you felt like leaving a number of times it didn't mean you didn't love him sometimes people love but find it difficult to live together as i was reading it i thought to myself what is going on there and then you said it yourself and eventually found out he had an illness and couldn't help the way he was the real drew was the one under all that i'm glad you had the special time at the end when you were able to get even closer and must be a comfort to you now in this time of grief
millions of women love a partner and think they can change them and live in some dreadful situations but when you find out it's an illness the pieces all fall into place and forgiveness is easier as you know they can't help the way they are
his family that you have met must have been so comforted to know despite it all he had such a wonderful person to care and love him i hope you will be able to keep in touch with them
there seems a lot more happy memories in your relationship than bad so hold on to those and be proud you stayed and helped him through his illness even though your heart must have been breaking you stood with him cared for him loved him and did all you could your a very special person
love hazelxx
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