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Originally Posted by Taggart View Post
I've never dealt with a having a loved one cremated.

For those here who have, I was wondering if you retained the person's ashes or if the wish was to have them dispersed somewhere?
Most people tend to continue their relationship in some form after death i.e. if you needed to care for the person in life you may want to have some care of their ashes in death. Thank goodness now most people collect the ashes from a crematoria. Then question is what then scatter or keep. A lot of people get a great release and closure from scattering whether on a river or a hill. Some people prefer to retain the ashes. It is what you feel comfortable with and whether you are ready to let them go. If you wish to hold onto them in some form it doesn't have to be the urn on the mantle piece, you can have some ashes put in a locket or they can be incorporated into a the garden - in a sundial or birdbath. One final thought scattering in the garden might seem to satisfy both needs but remember if you move house or in the future if grand kids want to visit the spot this may be awkward.
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