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Hello Cal,

I've just read your wonderful tribute to your wife and all I can say is WOW! She was some lady If my husband had written a list as long as that about me I'd be over the moon! How fantastic that you met this lovely lady and got to spend almost 12 years with her. You were obviously both deeply in love and I bet you have lots of happy memories to remember her by. I like the way you put some really funny reasons why you love her Her Ice cream experiments? The way her jaw drops open when she falls asleep in the car ( my husband used to say that about me too). The way she drools when she falls asleep anywhere lol. Sounds like you two had a great sense of humour.
What a wonderful tribute to her and if mine is only a quarter of the length ( when I pass on) then I'd be a happy bunny. I'm sure she knows how you still feel about her and is watching you from wherever she is and smiling.

God bless, Gail xx
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