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Smile the love of your life

dear Gail, i have just finished reading your and drews very moving story, it must have taken such a lot for you to write my love. As reading my heart hurt for you, you have suffered such a lot of pain and grief and yet you are here along with us walking wounded listening to others pain and helping.

Your Drew had gone through a lot in life because of the condition that affected him and how blessed he was to have found you, you found each other didn't you darling, now you are on a journey that is very hard but just maybe he is able to help you in ways that you could never know or understand and just maybe dad is there keeping an eye on him, does that make sense love?

You were lead to this place for a God given purpose and you know what i reckon? i reckon He uses people like us that are cracked vessels for then His light can shine through those cracks into other hurting lives, into this imperfect broken world that we all live in. We are all here together to support one-another.

It would be a good thing to say, well done, but what you have shared with us, those words seem empty, but my heart swells for you with a sort of pride, it took a lot to share with us, we also had things in our relationships that were not ideal, but over all our loves and our faults, love overcame, didn't it love?, the faith book that i believe in, the bible, says that love covers a multitude of sin, in other words love always wins.

I am for a few days visiting precious friends who love and care, a walking testament to love so i was late in reading your post, be blessed my friend,
allow the sorrow to come out, let those tears fall, one day we all will be healed from this sadness, but we will never forget them will we darling?

lots of love and hugs to you dear gail, xxxx chrissie.
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