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Default in loving memory of darren

in the stillness of the night where lonliness covers me in solitude
and tears of no comfort fall and stain my darkened room
the shadows of his being no longer here to to lighten sombre mood
alone no candles burning hope to feel his presence in my gloom

theres no answer to my prayers to feel him walking by my side
or feel his spirit give me comfort and come to be my guide
oh to sleep dull my sad emotions from heartache set me free to chance
to dream and hold him in my arms again to laugh live again and dance

and then i saw him so real no dream or false illusion he was there
to show me the joys of paradise this vision all laid bare
i saw mountains streams and flowers from dreams fields of gold
and rainbows in the sky
and by the waters edge i saw a crowd and my mother walking by

and oh as if in a trance you should have seen how we did dance
and all the world was there and angels singing round a throne
and comfort came within my heart for i knew one day we will
never part as this is where God takes us all home

my love spoke with a parting kiss all he said ----- remember this

in memory of my beloved Darren who came and showed me heaven and is always beside me

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