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Originally Posted by DCMerkle View Post
Believe it or not, people use to take pictures of their loved ones in death. The would dress them up in their best and have a photographer take the picture. There's a name for this but, I can't think of what they called it. I've seen pictures where they would set the person up on a divan or their favorite chair and take the pictures. I thought that was a little too much, but I guess it was acceptable back then. There was a movie that was loosely based around that old custom and I can't remember the name of that either. Maybe someone else would know just exactly the name of the custom was?

This reminds me of a show I watched this past weekend called "The Will: Outrageous Final Requests" or something like that. It was all about what people specifically requested and their family carried out their wishes. The two that stick in my mind are the guy who wanted to "watch" one last football game; and the guy who wanted to "go for one last ride" on his motorcycle. So, yes, their bodies were placed in position as if they were doing exactly those things. Strange. But, I guess that's what they wanted.
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