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Originally Posted by Nicola View Post
If i went before my dogs, i would like them to be there.

When my dad died, his body was been taking to his local chapel from the funeral home.

Catholics in the Uk normally have the body in their own home for a few days but my mum decided against it because she has 2 dogs and they would smell the body.

So the night before my dads funeral, the funeral director drove up in the hearse with my dads body in the back and then we all walked behind the car to the chapel.

There was around 100 people just ready to walk behind the hearse, my husband was locking my mums house and we looked up and my dads dog, harvey, a golden retriever, jumped up onto the sofa and looked out of the window.

Well i will tell you, everyone, even my mum was composed up until that point and i have never seen so many people burst out crying at the same time. The dog just had a big silly look on his face as if to say " whats going on here then ? " and everyone just broke down.

Infact, we recently discovered that the last picture we have of my dad was my husband taking a picture on his phone of Harvey and my dad is in the background. I think its quite fitting that he was with his dog in the picture.

I'll post it so you can see it, obviously the dog was shoving his face right up to the camera but my dad is just behind his the dogs head x
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