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hi dave bit down today and uplifted to read your wonderful memorial to tammy such love there now i know why you are so compassionate to others in their grieving you know what love means and the devastation of loss. what a beautiful woman she is (not was )as her love beauty and presence is here with sad for those who never in their lives find this love the world would be a better place.i am going to write down in my diary all the wonderful gifts of love my darren gave to me i shall be surely blessed if my list can be anything as long as yours.
some of us never needed reminding to tell our loved ones how we feel but on my wall for 10 years i have had a poem you cannot read your tombstone when your dead and i have given a copy to people in the past to remind them to tell their loved ones how they feel that's why i said it to him every day i can't share it on this site as some may feel down that they hadn't said they loved their partner enough times.thanks for sharing you and tammys love with me she was certainly sent to you from heaven you must have been a wonderful couple to know and be with her love shines down on you from heaven hazel
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