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Smile rhe note

Hello Dave, I have just read your words of love and devotion to Tammy. And I wanted to say thankyou so much. I haven't put pen to paper but about a week before my man passed, one evening he asked me if he had been a good husband to me. I was shocked and tried with all my strength not to show it. At this stage it was too painfull for him to be hugged and so we sat together as close as we could,( I hid my tears. although we knew, this was our last chance to talk and say the things that we always thought we had a lifetime to say. I told him all that he meant to me and that he was my life. that he had come into my life and had caused my life to turn around, he was my strength, my teacher, my protection, my lover, he was the one who would stand up and say NO to me when I needed to be put in my place. Giuls had the darkest eyes that told a thousand stories, they could pierce deep down into your soul and yet when he smiled they crinkled up, you know? and he couldn't stay angry with me for long. If I said that we had a perfect marriage that wouldn;t be true, but we were so compatable in so many ways. And yes we would look across at each other and without a spoken word the other would answer. And we never questioned this, just thought it normal. When one half of a whole goes home early, Giuls was 63, somehow the other half has to some how carry on, make a new life. But when someone first said that to me, well I was quite annoyed, that's putting it mildly, even though we know it's true, it hurts, dose'nt it?
We did get to say our final earthy goodbye at the hospital on 7th Dec 2011, we held hands and he said I'll be waiting, I love you and I will miss you then I asked him, "Do you want to go home now? he said yes, we prayed a prayer and Gods angels carried him away at once. This had helped me greatly cos for a while I felt abandoned, alone, unloved and forgotten,one more thing, maybe we can still tell them how loved and precious they were and are and ever will be to us. God Bless.

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