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hi dave i had to come back on your site and read again your wonderful words about tammy i feel i know so much about her i know she is looking down on us and she knows through her love and all that she was is helping us all i'm in awe that she knew more about cars than you or do you know nothing about them she must have made your home a wonderful happy place to be. i was saddened to read about the accident it must have been horrific my best friend who died 2 years ago lost her son and grandson in a car accident and her husband died of shock 6 days after to lose someone suddenly like that i can imagine all the hell in your mind and all the if onlys that must go round your head. chrissies story of her words to her husband was very moving i couldn't talk to darren like that as he was always in denial so i talk to him now.i have just had a thought perhaps all our loved ones in heaven from this site are all together looking at all the things we are saying and are up there talking about their lives on earth with us tammy so proud of you with all those wonderful things you said about her and probably joking about it with her personality i'm sure she will be making everyone smile to be loved like that is a most wonderful gift hazel
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