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Default Hello Mrs Pooh

Nice to hear from you, and I hope you are managing to extend your getting out and about a bit more. I realise how hard this may have been for you and please keep working at it.We were not in the least bit good, especially last evening , went to bed at 11.30 and wife did her usual crosswords while I read my book, I love reading but only factual books. Anyhow we both woke around 2.30 one or other of us woke the other and talked as usual of Cheryl and how lonely our dinner times and mornings are. So we both got up and had tea untill 3.15. Went back to bed and finally got to sleep. We have so many nights like this now. Alistair is still visiting Cheryl and quietly talking to her. He misses his wife, friend and best pal so much. Us we feel Cheryl is closer when he drops by. We will never make him feel tied to us and know he needs to lead his own life whatever that may become.Our lonliness just gets more intense each day. We do have each other but find we have nothing left to say about all that has happenend. Cheryl's small picture is on her headstone and makes her death so final. We still light the candles on a Saturday and Steve is another memory for us .We just take each day as it comes, sometimes not bad other times constant sadness. MUM DAD
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