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Default Need advice

My grandfather died 3yrs ago. He outlived all his siblings. His parents are buried in a private mausoleum to which there are two keys, the cemetary has one & the family gets one. Grandpa's brother had it & after he passed away his daughters gave it to my grandfather. My grandparents took me every year for as long as I can remember to clean inside of it. I always told him I wanted the key when he wasnt with us anymore so I can continue taking care of it. He gave me the key about a yr before he passed. Now his nieces want the key back because they said their father had it and they gave it to him. I never knew my great grandparents but his mom died when I was being born. I always felt as if there is a meaning to that. I feel like my grandfather was the last of their kids & he had e right to have the key and that it was his decision who should have the key when he was gone and that person was me. I made a promise to him to continue to take care of it and I don't want to break my promise. Nobody else in the family ever expressed a desire to do it. Am I wrong? Should I give it to them? I don't want to argue with my family but its a tradition I always did with my grandparents & I feel that it meant alot to him that I continue on with it now that hes gone.
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