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Old May 10th, 2015, 10:02
Chrissie2011 Chrissie2011 is offline
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Default Your birthday

Today would have been my Giulianos 68th birthday, I can't send him a birthday card where he is, and in heaven he is now young again, healed and whole. For those old friends who were here on forum helping me to survive my loves loss, if you are still there I just wanted to share this day and all the memories we had.
Yes it's so sad when it's time for them to go, I include all our love ones gone ahead but they smile over us as they rejoice for that wonderful day of reunion that will happen one day. They wonder why we ever cried so much at their departure, they live in a place like our world in many ways but so much more beautiful and perfect. They ran their race and did win their prize. They watch over us and whisper, hush now, be still for all is well, they don't live in time any longer lik us, they never feel tired or hungry or thirsty, they now have an abundance of joy. Giuliano is no longer my spouse he is now my brother but that special love that we had is something even more wonderful. They live on in our hearts here and now as well as fully alive there where they are, how amazing is that. Sometimes they turn up unexpectedly in our dreams and other times they just pop into our heads as if to say, " hello, I'm still here with you but I'm still here too". I know that there are some friends here on forum who are hurting so bad right now but you will turn the page one day, you will always have your tears they never dry up, but my friend the sun will shine again, you will have laughter as well as tears, you will one day remember those special moments without that ache in your heart. Remember your love doesn't want you to grieve forever, they are now with the great crowd of witnesses cheering us on as we continue our race and one day it will be our turn to depart this realm to go home to return to the place we were sent from to learn how to love and forgive freely.unless we feel the pain of love and loss we haven't yet lived. How wonderful it is to love and be loved, it will one day all have been worth it.
So don't give up, keep on walking through the valley of tears, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will walk through to the other side, this I promise you with all my heart. God bless.

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Old May 13th, 2015, 18:00
hazelharris hazelharris is offline
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may guiliano feel all that love you send to him in heaven and know he is never forgotten not by those who love him or his friends who met his spirit on this forum all my love to you chrissie xxxx
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