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Old June 2nd, 2011, 17:29
alansdaughter88 alansdaughter88 is offline
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Default Realising dad wont come home

Even though it was inevitable this would eventually happen, i never really gave thought to it happening.
My dad litterally went out one day and never came home. I had spent the morning with him, luckily i was bunking off work as otherwise i would not of had that. he shouted up the stairs cya later and i watched him ride of on his motor bike from my bedroom window. when i got home, the police turned up at the house and told me that he had basicly just dropped dead at a petrol station, heart attack. knowing i had to call mum was the worst bit of all. I cant really explain that evening. its all a blur and i know the shock lasted 3 days as these 3 days i could function i even got my hair cutt in town on the saturday. then the shock wore of as the grief took over, i felt numb and more tired then i have ever felt brothers have been round for two weeks, and we had to wait 2 weeks for the funeral as a post mortum had to be done and it was a bank holiday. now we have had the funeral i guess its expected you now just go back to normal. work etc...but my whole world has changed, my priorities are now different and how i look at everything is different. I miss him so much and it still doesnt feel real. i want to make him proud though, so will go on to carry on with my life and live every moment well, but i just cant see what lies in the future right now. we need to move as me mum and dad lived in a different town to the rest of my family as this was very much dads home than ours, so now we cant stay. were gonna have to start again...and i am quite afraid.
i would like to hear how others coped with their loss and how they are doing now x number of months on.

love nicola xx
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Old June 3rd, 2011, 00:53
MGT MGT is offline
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hello, my deepest sympathies to you, the suddenness of your fathers loss is shocking i know. there is no good way. i know what you mean about all your priorities changing, in fact, i would understand virtually any feeling you may have. the entire experience is overwhelming and suffocating. today makes 8 weeks since my dad passed away. i must report that i feel as crushed today as i did on that first day, though the shock has subsided and i have come to accept that its over, nothing can be done.

people in our position know that there is nothing we can say to make each other feel any better, thats not possible. but people care, i care, and i understand. you should do whatever you feel like you need to do so as to save yourself and protect yourself and to help those that need your help, that you want to help and can help.

peace to you and god bless
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Old June 5th, 2011, 09:11
tom-fisherman tom-fisherman is offline
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Shalom in Yeshua Nicola , I am sorry for the loss of your dad. I will pray for you and your mum.

Moving to be near family is important for your mum, so don't be afraid of the future. What will be will be.

We all cope with the loss of loved ones in different ways. You never forget, and the pain of loosing them does slowly get easier with time. It is not good to dwell to long on how, they died, or the suffering they may have had, as this leads to negative feelings. Instead think of the happy times your shared with him. Remember the love. This never dies.

Finally remember this he is proud of you and always will be.

God bless you
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