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Old July 1st, 2016, 18:03
Marjatta Marjatta is offline
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Default The moving on journey [Update from Marjatta]

Hello all,

Nothing could ever prepare us for what was to come.

One minute, we may have been laughing and joking with our soul mates, and in an instant, they were wrenched from our lives. Or perhaps we had to watch their physical bodies deteriorate over such a long period of time that we already had tried to bolster ourselves against the inevitable.

But it happened anyway. And our efforts to shield ourselves from the aftermath of pain and desolation were useless. The loss of our soul mates simply ripped our hearts out and may have challenged everything we ever believed in throughout all of our lives. Our faith in God, our sense of the law and order of the universe, our sense of fairness and justice ... may have all flown out the window when our beloved passed on.

My soul mate and fiancÚ Shaun died in 2011. I relished every minute I spent with him, and I felt that he was an answer to my prayers for a guardian angel ... which he simply was. He was exactly in the right time and place to rescue my own ragged and scuffed-up soul. He restored my faith in love, kindness, goodness, and a reason to exist.

I have to admit that when Shaun died, I wanted to die too. I felt that I had nothing more to live for. He was my anchor to this world, and then he made his own journey into the next.

When he passed on, I was terrified that he wouldn't remember me or that perhaps it was all an illusion ... just a cruel joke that the universe played on me. But then I kept getting crazy miracles in my life that I can only account to him. Every time I reach out to Shaun, he is still there as my guardian angel.

Your loved ones are still here as much as you and I are here. They now have more wisdom than you and I put together, so when you reach out to your Higher Power, also reach out with your heart and soul to your loved ones. They will never lead you astray.

Love and blessings,
"Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. And lo, no one was there." ~ Author Unknown
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