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Old October 29th, 2011, 18:51
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Default My dear sweet Nana - 2 yrs tomorrow

Hi everyone,my name is Lauren and I`m 26. My Nana passed away oct 30 2009. So tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary.
It`s still so hard, I still cry alot and I never stop thinking about her.
She was my Moms Mom and they were close so I quickly became the fav grandchild and Nana didn`t get embarassed telling people that! so silly. I recently found a card she gave me for my birthday one year and on the back it said ``You will always be my sweetiepie, you are the light of my life, love always nana``
She was my best friend and someone who loved me unconditionally no matter what, she was always there to hug me or talk on the phone and visit and go shoppping. She was far from the typical older lady steriotype. She was very active.
May of 2009 she started complaining her back hurt right down close to her bum. doc said it was arthritus. she then went back after the pain intensified and the doc did upper back x rays (yes she told her it was her lower back that hurt) said she didn`t see anything.
Finally she sent her in for a bone scan at the end of july. at the hospital they gace her percocet, that night she took one and want to sleep, woke up a while later needed the washroom, got out of bed and was so dizzy she stumbled across the room and fell screaming in pain. The ambulance came and she was admitted with a severly broken pelvis.
We found out later from the bone scan that a fractured tailbone had been causing the pain in her back
So she was in the hospital from july until october, she tried so hard and did her physio and such, then suddeny she stopped being able to swallow, she wanted desperatly to eat but just couldn`t so they told her they were going to but in a feeding tube, after we talked about it we agreed that it was up to her, and she didn`t want one. The family agreed with her decision. I went to the hospital to see her the day she made the decision and her very last words to me were ``Never forget, that I always loved you best`` and gave me a hug and a kiss, the next day she slipped into a coma and passed away oct 30th.

I am so lost, I don`t know how to make the pain stop, i miss her more each day, i am still devestated and no one seems to understand.
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