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Old January 21st, 2012, 07:45
xEmilyx xEmilyx is offline
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Unhappy Miss my Nan and my two Grandads so much :(

7 and a half years ago I had my first experience of death.
My Grandad was sick with stomache cancer, He had been ill for a while but nobody suspected that it was cancer, My Nan asked him to go to the doctors but he wouldn't go because he didn't like doctors. Eventually he had to go to hospital and I had to go to school and get on with it, I was worried but I thought that he would be okay because he was strong and active and he would be okay, I was a typical naive 8 year old.
I came home from school and my Dad had gone to the hospital to see him and I was stuck at home worrying, My Dad returned and said that my Grandad had cancer. I couldn't believe it my Grandad had cancer? he was 63,young and fit. How could HE have cancer? I prayed for him and that he would make it through but he never did. He died later that night. My world was shattered, I would never see my Grandad again, he was gone.
Then not a mere 15 months later when I was 9 my Nan died.
She had been ill with emphysema for years.
I remember that day so well; we went to see her in hospital and we all knew it was the end, She asked me to come and talk to her
She told me how
much she loved me and cared for me and told me not to smoke.
I remember my sister crying her eyes out and I didn't cry. I didn't understand.
I remeber my Dad saying that she might pass on in the night.
She managed to hang on for another day and then my Dad got a phone call from my Mom. My Nan had passed away. That day ripped my heart out, I had lost my best friend. My Nan was gone and I would never see her again.
6 years passed on and I am now 15 years old, going to college and doing well.
Then 2 months ago my mom
got a call My Grandad(my nan's husband) had passed away in his sleep.
How could this happen again?! why?! it just wasnt fair and I didnt deserve it.
I worked hard and was nice to everyone, Why did tragedy follow me around like a black cloud? it wasn't supposed to be this way!!!
How does a girl cope when she has lost three grandparents who meant the world to her?!
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Old January 22nd, 2012, 05:13
tom-fisherman tom-fisherman is offline
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Shalom (peace) in Yeshua (Jesus) xEmilyx, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your grandparents, and the effect it is having on you. It would be very easy for me or others to say to you 'that's life, we all live and die', but that is not helpful. At fifteen you need comforting and you can experience comfort if you are willing to accept that they have only left this world, and gone into the next. Free from illness, and disease, and happy in the knowledge that they will see YOU again!!

Death doesn't follow anyone around, it is just a gateway to Sheol and the next life. It is suggested that we all have a purpose here on earth. It may be to do something so simple as to say just one word to someone, and when we have completed it we then go home.

What we are taught is that 'they' can hear us when we talk to them. They will all know how you are feeling and will be praying for you to understand that death is not the end, but just the beginning. Yes the separation is hard, but as this realisation sinks in, the eventual re-unification with them does become something to look forward too as you get older.

Just imagine your grandparents meeting their own parents and their grandparents, and all their loved ones who have gone before them. Imagine the 'party' they will be having!! Then imagine the party they will have with you when you go home, in 70+years from now.

It is very important to talk to your parents about how you feel. You need to share your feelings with them, and then talk to your grandparents.

When you were eight you said you prayed, well I hope that you still have a faith and that you say a prayer now and ask to be comforted. Know that I have already done this.

May God bless you
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Old January 22nd, 2012, 11:24
cljm cljm is offline
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Welcome to the forum---thank you for sharing the loss of your beloved Grandad, Nan, and her husband.

Death of a loved one causes instant grief and heartache---insurmountable and overwhelming feelings of loss. Most times, we are never prepared--sometimes even when the death is expected. It seems to always hit us full force with the reality of what once was, is no longer. None of us can escape the parting from our loved ones.......death is very much a part of each of our lives---from our birth to our death, we come ever closer to our eternal life. God chooses this time for us---and through it's mystery and our own humaness, we cry out in suffering with the injustice of it all.

The love you have for your Grandparents will always be apart of you---the love you shared....the memories....the lessons taught and learned.....
It is what they leave with you----for a time----until you are with them once again. That is the Promise we have.

God hears our Prayers even if or when we can't seem to find the words to say them. Your Grandparents are right with you--- let the love you share be your guiding force to your healing. They will rejoice in the beautiful woman you will become. Allow your emotions to come freely and unabashedly....reach out to others as they will reach out to you.

"For every Joy that passes, something Beautiful remains"
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